I just wrote a post discussing how repeated short term contracts without any contract extensions (perhaps as a full time freelancer) were a red flag when hiring.

I was called out of touch citing a study where 94 percent of jobs created since 2005 were contract and not full time. The commenter went on to discuss that a hiring manager who expects only full time work on a resume is setting the candidates up to fail.

This is 100% incorrect.

There is a difference in between working as a freelancer and having multiple short term contracts. When I ran my own consulting firm we did amazing work and our contracts were extended and lengthened for 2-3x the initial contract term.

If you do amazing work, even as a freelancer you will find yourself working with clients for considerable amounts of time, even if the one contract only accounts only 10% of your week.

If you are transitioning from a freelancer into FT and you have done amazing work, own the fact that you were a freelancer and impress the employer with your repeated successes.

If your freelancer clients keep firing you after 3 months. You’re not doing good work.

At the end of the day, amazing work always give you the ammo to tell a story that will make you very hireable.

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