Amazing Work Always Wins

I just wrote a post discussing how repeated short term contracts without any contract extensions (perhaps as a full time freelancer) were a red flag when hiring. I was called out of touch citing a study where 94 percent of jobs created since 2005 were contract and not full time. The commenter went on to […]

Dealing With Difficult People

When was the last time you had to deal with a difficult customer? It was probably and external customer but perhaps it was an internal customer, such as a member of your team, a colleague or even — your boss! I’m sure that you always want to provide exceptional service to both your internal and […]

So You Want To Be Relevant?

You want to be relevant now? Know what issues your sales and marketing leaders are dealing with. Marketing & CS investments: Marketing needs to be very sensitive to our current situation. Messaging has to be in line with nurturing relationships with customers who are adversely affected and selling to those who are still up and […]

The Millennial Problem

With millennials steadily becoming the defining influencer of workplace culture, understanding the millennial mindset is increasingly important to management. As the world grows more global, people become more connected, but they also ache for a sense of unique contribution. This is what motivates individuals to greatness, and I don’t believe it’s specific to millennials. We […]